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Ready, Willing, Able

to meet the challenges of the unknown future.




Why is Future-proofing so important for youth?

Because they will face challenges and opportunities never before seen in human history. 

If they are not prepared, they will suffer the challenges.

If they are prepared, they will enjoy the opportunities.

What are some of the opportunities?

They can lead the development of new techniques, new technologies, new industries, new communities.

What are some of the challenges?

Their skills become obsolete and they become under-employed or unemployable.

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"A society cannot reap the rewards of creative destruction without accepting that some individuals might be worse off, not just in the short term, but perhaps forever.


Schumpeter’s enduring term reminds us that capitalism’s pain and gain are inextricably linked."

by W. Michael Cox, former chief economist at the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas.

Why would their skills become obsolete?

Throughout history, worker skills become obsolete when newer technologies emerge through creative destruction.

This is not new.

What is new is the speed and scale of change.

Young adults starting their careers today face unprecedented competition from human talent based in lower-cost countries and from artificial intelligence (AI), especially from machine-learning (ML) technologies.

So how do youth become Future-proof?

By developing Character and Capability that matter most to real-world employers, founders and colleagues.


  1. Accountability for delivering results

  2. Real-world Problem-solving

  3. Collaboration & Communication

  4. Persistence & Determination

How? By solving real-world problems!

  • Individually or in teams of 3 - 6 young adults

  • In projects lasting 6 - 36 months

  • Involving STEM, business, humanities, arts, sports 

  • During 7th - 12th grade (12 - 18 years old)

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